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Commission Junction

There are many ways to make money with your websites.  If your website is built with lots of info and you start getting big amounts of traffic you can make lots of money.  Even if your website is just getting off of the ground you can make enough to pay for itself and maybe a little extra to buy dinner out one in a while.
Commission Junction    
You see the ads on the right of the page.  The ad and the Musicians Friend ad comes from a arrangement with Commission Junction.  On my I have one ad from a site called  It pays me $1.00 every time someone clicks on and registers for there site.  Not a lot of money but Commission Junction costs nothing to sign up for and sends you your money anytime you exceed $50.00.  I have gotten a check every 3 to 4 months for just over that $50.00 every since I put the ads up on the site.  The site has paid for itself with just that one ad.
Google Ad-sense

The ads in between from Google are from there ad-sense program. You cut and paste there code into your page and get paid on a monthly basis for the traffic you generate.  Again, a new site with little traffic isn't going to get paid much.  Larger sites that have been up for a while can make a very good and regular amount of money.  Believe me when I say one of the best deals I have found on the internet for the small part time developer is Google ad-sense.
Everyone wants to sell something on the internet.  It's really quite simple.  You can go to ebay and take whatever the bid goes for or you can put up a ecommerce site with your stuff for sell and get what you want for it.  Problem is you have to come up with a shopping cart and they cost big bucks.  Or you can go for a 
PayPal account.  No cost to set up and once you've got it running you get the money put right into your PayPal debit card which is acceptable anywhere.  Does it really work?  Look at my site


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