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One of the easiest types of programming to learn is programming for the web.  If you know how to run most Microsoft Windows software it is possible to create a web site.  Like any other type of programming skill the more you do the better you get at it.  I personally recommend you select a subject you know something about, and are passionate about and start a website around it.  That in fact is what caused this site to be started.
WYSIWYG Editors:
The easiest and quickest way to get a website up is with a "what you see is what you get" HTML editor.  This site is created in FrontPage 2003.  My first site was created using Netscape Composer.  It came free with Netscape.  Internet Explored came with FrontPage Express.  FrontPage today come in Office 2003 or separately.  By itself it costs about $120.00 but is worth it if you're serious about doing websites quick and dirty.  Another super but expensive editor is Dreamweaver by Macromedia.  It has most recently been purchased by Adobe.  It is very powerful and integrates well with other Macromedia and Adobe products such as Flash and Fireworks and Photoshop.
If you really want to get into this and do it right and on the cheap then you can use any text editor.  All of the tutorials tell you that notepad is useable.  They also tell you that using a dedicated HTML editor is even better.
Download Evrsoft First Page - The #1 Website Builder.  First Page comes in two versions 1st page 2006, and First Page 2000.  The 2000 version is free and very powerful.  Try it, you might like it.  Another very neat editor is CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor The Coffee Cup Team has a whole bunch of neat stuff for reasonable prices and free.  You need to check out there site.  A editor I use a great deal of time is PSPad. Its totally free open source software and has many super edit features. Available pspad.com  These boys interestingly call there program a programming editor. 
What You Need To Know and Where to Learn It:
The main thing you need to learn is html. xhtml, css, java script and php are great but not necessary to start with.  You can buy books on the subject or you can use the tools you have on the internet.  Best place to start
html goodies  This site has tons of beginning tutorials and will get you going.  Then start working your way down the list of tutorial sites on the left. By the time you get into it a little come back and I will have added some more links.  The tutorial sites are going up all the time.

That's it.  Now go on and create a website.  And have fun.

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