Basic Information


This site is dedicated to beginner programmers.  The idea is to have really beginning tutorials and forums for the raw beginner.  If you want advanced material there are plenty of websites set up for that.  What we will attempt here is to make sense out of all of the mumbo jumbo for the complete novice.
     The subjects we intend to cover are,  Basic Programming Concepts, The Difference between the languages, HTML, XHTML, CSS Web site creation languages, Use of FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Basic, Visual Basic & Visual,  C, C++ and Java.
     The basic reason for setting the site up was that I was enrolled as a programming  major at my local community college and I found that if I had to describe and explain what I have learned I learn it better.  I also hope that as the site grows I will be able to attract others who will give of there knowledge and experience and therefore allow me to expand my knowledge as well.

     I graduated from the community college with a AS in IT with a concentration in programming.  I then went on to graduate with a BS in General Studies and an about to embark on a Masters in Education.  I am still interested in basic programming and still have not mastered it.  I am of the firm belief that unless one continues to study and practice the skills involved in programming one will loose them.  So, because of me interest I plan on continuing to maintain update and adding to the site on a regular basis again.